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Walk into any school, High School, Junior High or elementary school anywhere on Long Island or anywhere in America and the first thing you will run into is a trophy case commemorating athletes, the theater program, scholars and even musicians.  All very well deserved honors and very fitting.  But what we are missing is that wall of honor that salutes the brave men and women who have graduated from these very schools, have joined the armed forces and have gone on to protect and serve our Country.  We need to honor them as well. 

At a time when our Country is at a confusing point, a public school in Brooklyn bans students from singing a patriotic Lee Greenwood anthem,  a young lady from Long Island is taking a different approach and My Country 96.1 WJVC radio is calling on all its listeners to ban together to help her reach her goal
Meet Chelsea Anderson a High School Junior from Eastport South Manor Junior Senior High School in Manorville.  She along with her classmates formed the Wall of Honor Committee and their goal is to build a wall outside their school library that will honor the brave men and women who have graduated from ESM Junior Senior High and have gone on to protect and serve our great land.
This is a huge undertaking and the students have committed a tremendous amount of time and effort to complete this project.  It is estimated that the wall will cost $60,000 to complete this is a small amount when it is compared to the contribution of these men and women to our country each and every day.
On Wednesday June 20th, My Country 96.1 FM morning radio host Phathead invited Chelsea Anderson and the Principal of ESM Junior Senior High School on his morning radio show to discuss the project and introduce their plans to the My Country 96.1 FM Long Island listeners.  The studio phones, the stations facebook and Twitter accounts went into overload with offers of support and encouragement.   “All the listeners of My Country 96.1 asked how they could help and what they could do to get involved” said morning man Phathead.  “So I figured, why not have the students on stage at our big Freedom Fest concert and give our listeners a chance to meet them and donate towards the project  and we’ll even play Lee Greenwood God Bless the USA while they are on stage”,  he added.
So with a few phone calls and some quick thinking, My Country 96.1 is going to get them their wall!  On July 3rd 2012, My Country 96.1 presents its second annual Freedom Fest Concert at the Pennysaver Amphitheater at Bald Hill. This is an all day festival and celebration of America staring Country Music superstar Dierks Bentley and eight additional acts.  Phathead called his friends at Capital Records who spoke to Dierks and filled him in on the project and he immediately offered to donate one of his brand new acoustic guitars and two meet and greet passes for the July 3rd show.  The guitar will be raffled off on July 3rd and the lucky winner will get to take the guitar back stage so Dierks can personally sign it for them.  This is a once in a lifetime priceless prize that will give the students the ability to raise a big chunk of money for this project.  All the proceeds from this raffle and all the donations from the day will go to the ESM wall of Honor committee.
The My Country 96.1 Freedom Fest concert will be July 3rd at The Pennysaver Amphitheater at Bald Hill in Farmingville.   Gates open at 12 noon and the show starts at 1pm.  A limited number of tickets are still available at Ticketmaster.  For more information go to
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