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Party 105.3 superstar night DJ Miss Stacy has been selected as one of the hottest women in radio for 2012 by the music industry, celebrity website, 
This is the 4th annual Hottest Women of Radio awards, the contest was started by the PopCrunch staff after many requests by radio station listeners and PopCrunch supporters. The response is overwhelming, with tens of thousands of total nominations that nominated well over 200 different women of radio. PopCrunch editors whittle it down from there and compile the rankings based on available photos of the women as well as from reading the nominations. It is easy to get a sense of which DJs are the most loved and have great personalities from the nominations.
PopCrunch reports that is one of the most popular pieces they do every year with the 2011 list having been viewed over a million times since its release.  “Its obvious that the American people still care greatly about their local radio stations” says the PopCrunch staff.
This is the second year Party 105’s Miss Stacy has made the list and with much love and listener support she has been selected as the  7th Hottest Woman of radio for 2012.
“It is a honor to be recognized nationally with females I grew up listen to and admiring, thanks to the Long Island listeners my JVC family, my friends and supporters”, said Miss Stacy. 
“I am so proud of Stacy and all of her professional accomplishments, this one too, but it does make it difficult to run the radio station with a crowd of guys outside every night all looking to date her”, said Party 105 President and CEO John Caracciolo.   
Miss Stacy can be heard weeknights on Party 105.3 Long Island from 6 PM to 10 PM playing great dance music, talking to her fans, and playing tons of listener requests. is run by PopCrunch Media a publisher of celebrity lustiness. PopCrunch Media basically publishes celebrity gossip, news, and videos.
Party 105.3 is the flagship station of JVC Broadcasting, super serving Long Island with the best dance, rhythmic, feel good music on the dial.  You can also listen to Party 105 worldwide at
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